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How to measure SEO: crucial KPIs & metrics

With any form of marketing, a business owner needs to ensure they are getting a good Return On Investment (ROI). As more and more of Australian businesses seek that competitive edge over their competition usually through SEO, some business owners can get lost in the actual assessment of how effective SEO is for them. In this article, we will touch on some of the indicators we use to show the ROI we have on our clients website.

Why bother?

We like to promote active management of the results we achieve for our clients. This means, although you might totally trust your SEO and believe they are doing something, it is important to know what results they are achieving and how SEO is improving your bottom line. For example, we provide our clients with regular campaign results including keyword and traffic improvements month to month.

Editor’s note: Sneak Peak – we are currently developing a live keyword tracker within the client panel!

When working on digital campaigns, the aim of our game is to be as efficient and effective as possible for our clients. Through using our client portal you have all the information and data you need see how well your campaign is doing – traffic, keyword rankings – it’s all there!

Note: If you are interested in learning how to increase your website traffic, read our article on the subject here: How to Increase Your Organic Traffic.

Four Main indicators to measure SEO campaign performance

Here are the 4 best indicators that will help you evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. Following these steps, you will be able to understand why SEO is such a powerful marketing tool for your business.

One: The “Key” in Keywords is there for a reason!

Keyword ranking is an important factor of campaign performance because this is what drives traffic to your website – the higher the keyword, the more chance your customer will click it. If you don’t know what keywords are, we wrote an article on them here. Keywords, in short, are the search terms we type into Google to find something we need or need to know. It is important that these keywords actually bring in traffic to your website. For example, it is much better to rank 3rd for a keyword with 5,000 monthly searches than rank 1st for a keyword with 5 monthly searches.

Editor’s Note: Be careful with other SEO companies offering ‘Rank 1st or your money back’ and similar promotions. Not only has Google advised to avoid these kinds of companies, they will just rank your website for a pointless keyword with no traffic but then argue that technically they did do what they say they were going to do. Buyer beware!

Checking your keywords from time to time is important. We recommend our clients check they keyword rankings every 2 weeks as often there are rapid fluctuations, so comparing them each fortnight is a true measure of progression. Any changes in your keyword ranking, whether positive or negative, usually has a direct correlation to your website traffic.

Two: Conversion rate.

In our opinion, the number of orders and leads you receive from your website is the most important statistic. As an SEO, this is risky to say as there are many factors out of our control with our clients conversion rate mostly related to the development of their website. That being said, if no one’s visiting your website, how are you able to make any sales? The answer is – you’re not. The reason we build and market websites is to grow our business through sales – this is where the focus should be of our SEO campaign. This is why we recommend tracking your conversion rates to ensure you are getting targeted traffic through your website. If you aren’t, perhaps you are getting poor traffic through social media or a lot of angry competitors because you took their rankings!

For example, if you are getting 500 website visitors and only 50 orders, that will give you a 10% conversion rate which is something that varies heavily depending on the industry. If for example, you are selling $100,000 cars, that conversion rate is fantastic. If you are interested in knowing more about how to improve your conversion rates you should check out the article written on Marketing Land named “4 ways you can improve your website conversion rate with SEO”.

Three: Backlink profile quality.

The quality of an SEO Brisbane is based on the backlinks they can obtain. There is nothing worse than taking on new clients who have dealt with dodgy SEO companies and have thousands upon thousands of low-quality links which has resulted in a manual action by Google (if you don’t know what that is, just know that it’s bad – you won’t be found on Google when this happens). We wrote an article on why websites get Google manual actions (penalties) here.

Too much of anything is not healthy. Well, low-quality backlinks are no different. If your website is linked to thousands of low-quality websites, common sense would tell you Google would see your website as nothing else than another one of low-quality websites your site is linked to. The spam score generally addressed how trustworthy your website is. This is directly connected to your number of viewers and can strongly affect your SEO ranking.

You should also be sure that all your backlinks are to websites with a low spam score. You need to understand that getting a high spam score cannot be easily reversed by removing all backlinks.

The backlinking process should be done very carefully with every backlink scrutinised thoroughly. You do not want your website to be a low authority website due to these external factors.

Four: Website traffic isn’t all equal.

Always remember that website traffic count is not the be all and end all in SEO; quality always wins over quantity. When getting high website traffic numbers, you need to start assessing where it is coming from and if it is relevant or not. Is this traffic converting? What pages are they visiting? All these questions need to be answered (answers can be found in Google Analytics).

The quality of your views can be understood through two main criteria. To begin with, you need to know the average number of pages per visit. This is the number of pages on the website that one viewers would preview in one visit. This number would give you a good vision on how relevant and interesting your website is to the viewers.

The second important criteria is to learn the estimated duration for each visit. This is the amount of time that a viewer would spend on your website before leaving it. This value is a strong study that can help you know whether your website is actually appealing or are they in it for just one factor and that’s it.

These values could tell you whether your SEO campaign is successful or not. It even gives you a review on the keywords you’re using and the content included in your website. Keeping track of these factors will help you keep updating your strategy, content and SEO technique which is always very helpful for your website.


We have discussed a number of aspects to keep in mind and work hard on in order to measure your SEO strategies and how successful they are. However, as overwhelming as it may sound but there is still a few simple solutions that can help you here.

Thanks to developers, there are a few number of tools out there that can easily help you track all of the stated points together with other valuable details. These tools are strong for tracking the success of your SEO and website.

The following is a list of some of the tools which are worth checking out:

You’re good to go.

In conclusion, there are many different SEO experts and tools out there. However, not each and every SEO campaign and strategy actually works. Whoever you choose, you need to take the time to study and analyze your SEO campaign thoroughly.

Through this article, you have learned how to measure the success of your current campaign and what to keep in mind when trying new SEO campaigns. You need to understand that there are many other different ways out there to measure the success together with more details over how to sustain your success. Want to keep reading? We wrote a pretty cool article on Local SEO.