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Where to find low competition keywords using basic tools

What are people really searching for online anyway?

The truth behind this question is that Google and other search engines are the only ones who actually have the data.

The more information we have on the search terms of our customers, the better we can target them. The better we can target them, the less we have to spend!

Keywords are the framework of your SEO strategy. Each day, millions of searches are performed online and as thought-provoking as it may seem, keyword research can be a tedious task, especially for beginners.

This post will tackle free keyword tools you can use to help you find what people are really searching for online.  The list will help you save time when it comes to targeting the right audience and traffic for those money-making pages on your website. If you are in the early stages of your SEO campaign, this is a must read for you.

These days, everyone’s searching for everything online. But how can you target those trending stories and trending topics with the intention of luring traffic to your website? The tools listed here will help you answer a few questions such as when you should write a topic-related article, will the article perform well on search results, who is your target audience for the article and how to find these answers?


This is most probably one of our favorites since it offers a ‘Content Discovery’ function which enables searches of ‘Trending Now’ topics. Furthermore, it can filter topic suggestions by 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours’ duration. Plus, you can filter your searches by topics so it’s much easier to find the best keywords and topics for your post.

Buzzsumo can be utilised for free but you can opt to upgrade to a premium service for $99 a month. The premium subscription allows you to get alerts on specific functions you set.


You can use SEMRush to see what people are searching for on a particular topic. All you have to do is to enter your phrase or keyword and SEMRush will do the work for you! SEMRush is capable of pulling phrase match keywords as well as related keywords together with organic search results. The Pro Version offers more features but you can still use the tool for free when looking for content ideas.

Answer The Public

The biggest advantage of using Answer the Public is that it uses searches from Bing and Google and has this massive database that is able to predict the search queries of online users. The coolest part about Answer The Public is its interface. Although it’s a keyword research tool, it also displays beautifully crafted, easy to consume visual data. The tool is free to use and you can also export data in an Excel or CVS format.


This tool is somewhat similar to Answer The Public. The only difference is that it displays real topics and questions that online users are currently talking about in forums and blogs. Bloomberry is free and is best used for content creation of Featured Snippets.

Google Trends

Google Trends is very useful when it comes to viewing top stories. You can also compare certain keywords using this tool by simply typing in the keywords in the search box, clicking the compare button and typing in the second keyword. You can also modify the dates as per your requirements. You can also find country data with Google Trends as well as related queries which can be useful in building your keyword strategy.


Facebook is the easiest tool you can use to discover relevant topics; add more to the fact that most people rely on Facebook for news and updates. Facebook has this Trending Topics function that gives a list of the most popular topic on the site.


This is also similar to Facebook Trends where you can see trends based on your location and the people you follow on Twitter. If you are looking for trending topics, you can also utilise ‘Twitter Moments’ for optimal results.

YouTube Keyword Tool

The best way to promote your YouTube videos is merely by typing phrases or keywords into the search bar and this free tool will provide you the hottest keywords for you to use. You can also have a look at the YouTube Trends blog to learn which is the hottest topics on the internet based on their users.


In 2016, this site launched a feature called Explore where pinners can find the most popular pins on Pinterest. Explore uses an algorithm that creates personalized pins based on search trends of the day. This is one of the best tools you can use when you are in the process of brainstorming ideas.

Google People Also Ask

This is a great tool to use when you are beginning your keyword research. Once you’ve typed your search query on Google search, you can scroll down and explore the different variations of the keywords you entered. You can also use the drop-down to explore the content. You can use this tool if your primary aim is to achieve a status as a featured snippet.

Google Searches Related To

Google also has this Searches related to function that you can find at the bottom of search engine results. Scrolling down at the bottom of search results will give you at most 8 suggestions that are best used with keyword variations both in your keyword research and also your main content.

Google News

If you are looking for headlines from news sites, Google News is the right tool for you! Google News pulls headlines that is tailored and based on your personal interests. The tool is equipped with a user friendly interface and presents both global and local news which is best for optimisation.

Google Alerts

This tool is similar to the function of Buzzsumo with the added function that you can have free unlimited alerts. You can set up alerts to be sent to your inbox as it happens once or even on a weekly basis.