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Client case study – Electronic Industry

It’s no secret that businesses operating within a highly competitive online space require cutting-edge SEO for their website and Online Mobile Parts was no different.

Through the development of a highly targeted, high converting set of keywords, we were able to achieve a 200% increase in traffic!

Obviously, the flow-on effect of high traffic improvements is a subsequent increase in revenue for the business.

How did we achieve such great results?

Keyword analysis & Strategy formulation

The most powerful tool in any SEO’s arsenal is a proficient keyword and strategy formulation process.

To provide great results for our clients, and never-before-seen returns on their investment with us, we hand pick 10-20 keywords that are most likely to convert to a lead or order with our clients website.

After these keywords had been selected, we then looked at their competitions strengths and weaknesses and formulated a strategy in order to be perceived as a more valuable asset in Google’s eyes than their competition, and in turn, rank them higher.

We reviewed some tools which you can use to find keywords here.

On-page optimisation

We improved a multitude of on-page factors which affect keyword ranking. These included technical areas including increasing their website speed, XML sitemap. html structure, URLs and more. We also looked at, and optimised their content to better target the keywords we identified initially.

We have listed some actionable SEO steps you can take yourself here and a thorough guide on optimising XML sitemaps here.

Once all the on-page optimisation factors were optimised, we then moved on to the crucial step of off-page optimisation.

Off-page optimisation (link building)

There are many myths surrounding link building, but we stick to the method which yields the best results for us and our clients. We like to tailor a link building campaign to each of our clients based on their industry and keyword competition. Through the creation of high quality, relevant backlinks to our clients website ensures their websites authority grows alongside their keyword positioning and traffic.

For more information on link building, you can find out what they are here and learn some strategies in obtaining them here.

Seamless transparency with our clients

We believe in total transparency with our clients which is why we developed a fully customised client portal (never before seen in the industry) to allow our clients the ability to track, manage and change their campaign whenever they choose. If you have been thinking about investing in your business website and the profits achieved with it, contact us today or get started.